UB4ME Realty serves the Triangle area and provides a Pre-Certification program for all homes that we list. This includes a complimentary home appraisal, inspection, roof, siding, HVAC, mold and pest inspections, home staging consultation, handwritten floor plan, and professional home measurement by a licensed appraiser. We coordinate all pre-listing repairs and ensure that our Pre-Certified homes hit the market in excellent condition. This allows them to sell quickly and for top dollar. The program reduces the chance that a buyer’s home inspection will divulge any unforeseen problems once our sellers are under contract, thus ensuring our likelihood of closing the deal.  We also provide exclusive buyer representation and a Buyer Benefits Program, which includes a complimentary home and auto quote, immediate accessibility to preview homes and answer questions and concerns, and access to our vast array of Preferred Business Partners, including contractors, lenders, attorneys, and inspectors.

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